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September competition

September 28, 2020

Thank you to all who entered the competition.  The question was how many different locations will we be exhibiting at during the remaining part of 2020. The correct answer is six; Cirencester, Hungerford, Devizes, Calne, Salisbury and Swindon.  Each correct entry was entered into a draw and the first two entries drawn are the winners, they are Darren Williamson and Ros Menham, Cricklade who will receive £150 each to spend on art.  For those who are entered more than once (naughty naughty) the first entry was taken.   

We have decided to award an additional prize of £25 for the most bizarre and most inaccurate answer which was 70, not quite sure how we would could possibly achieve this number of venues over the next 90 or so days but it made us smile  Anyhow this prize goes the Amanda Hackett.  Well done to all of you.


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